Kicks, Disarms and Locks





We worked on kicking—specifically front kicks and round kicks.  My round kick looks more like a hybrid of a round kick and a Thai kick.  Then with some work, it looked more like a O’ou Tek.  My hips are also tight from years of Thai kicks—but this is nothing that the resistance band stretching won’t solve over time.  I think everyone needs work on lifting and pivoting.  I also need work on relaxation so I can actually move with fluidity.


Disarms and Locks


We looked at several disarms as well as locks.  The key point about disarms was moving in when the stroke (angle 1 in this case) was wide.  Otherwise, when the stroke is very narrow and crosses centerline, you have to move to the outside, away from the centerline.  There were many key points about locks that were too numerous to detail here, but suffice it to say that it requires in-depth knowledge and practice with body mechanics to get them right and quickly.  Precision is so important.  And the lock that is pictured above—I never progressed it to the take-down stage in training.  We just performed the lock and then moved on.  It is a disservice to students to always practice certain techniques in isolation and NEVER show where they lead.  It is also potentially harmful NEVER to instruct them on what the other instructor terms “failure drills”.  What if a technique doesn’t work—then what?  You must flow to something else and keep flowing until you have success.


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