Open 4-Count Double Stick Patterns


We usually only look at one 4-count double stick pattern with beginners, the “X”, or angles 1 and 2.  There are a heck of a lot more we can play around with, much to our benefit, even including horizontal strokes (be careful here with the hands of your partner).


In addition to Angles 1 and 2, try these (2-count with each hand):


Angles 13, 14 (horizontals at head/neck)

Angles 13, 12 (horizontal, low line upward diagonal at knees)

Angles 13, 2 (horizontal, high line downward diagonal)

Angles 11, 12 (low line upward diagonals at knees)

Angles 11, 14 (low line diagonal, horizontal)

Angles 11, 2 (low line diagonal, high line diagonal)

Angles 1, 12 (high line downward diagonal, low line diagonal)

Angles 1, 14 (high line downward diagonal, horizontal)



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