Combatives and Knives


We did a really cool drill the other day with our knives.  The assailant is advancing.   You might put up your protective fence, but then you slap him in the side of the head, like we do in our basic attack sequence.  Immediately you go to a face smash–check out the description here:

Perhaps it stops here, especially if you were able to push him to the ground and run.  If it doesn’t stop here, move on to something else, and in this case we moved on to our concealed knives.  We practiced both a cross draw and a strong-side draw.  The cross draw was much easier for me.  As we drew our weapons, we slashed once across the body (or whatever is in that vicinity) and thrust into the mid-section.  Control his body with your other arm and lean into him as you thrust.  With the strong side draw, you will have a reverse grip.  It takes a lot of practice to properly retrieve the knife out of concealment without getting it tangled on clothing.  Try both methods of drawing and pick the one you prefer, then drill it like crazy, especially if you have intentions of carrying a concealed knife.



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