Playing with Hubud




It’s still a little early with our students to really be flowing with hubud, but we are working on it.  I think once people get tremendous fatigue in their arms from trying to arm wrestle, they finally relax into the sensitivity drill it is supposed to be.  Then, they can start feeling for things like locks.  We worked a few last week, including a simple wrist lock and a shoulder lock.  We also worked on the arm bar and discussed, as we always do, failure drills in case the techniques just plain don’t work.  I was having trouble putting a wrist lock on one student, but I could easily get it on the instructor.  I always have to keep in mind that some techniques don’t work as well on certain body types and/or the combination of my body type WITH his or her body type.  In order to really flow, we have to be able to move on to the next technique and stop beating a dead horse, if you know what I mean (remember the definition of crazy?).  This does not preclude us from practicing a technique until we get it right, but again, we were focusing on sensitivity and flowing with the hubud.


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