Combatives on BOB and Striking Pad


We performed these on the dummy and a pad, but I highly recommend practicing on a partner also (not full force, of course).  Kelly McCann talks about Combatives being 90 percent attitude.  Especially when you are performing on pads and dummies, hit like you mean it.  I try to visualize the scenario as I perform the techniques.  The training must evolve into something more dynamic and realistic with emotional content.  I often wonder, if someone cannot even let loose on pads or a dummy, what will happen if they are confronted with a life or death situation?


Drill 1


  1. Block the haymaker.  This looks like a Thai boxing cover. 
  2. Chop (axehand) to the neck/side of the neck. 
  3. Swivel punch to the midsection (really engage those hips!)
  4. If the assailant is down, stomp on his leg (could be a break here).  If not, you can continue on with a myriad of other techniques.


Drill 2


  1. Thai cover
  2. Chop
  3. Face smash (cup your hand like you are palming a grapefruit and get those fingers in his eyes)
  4. Kick to shin


Drill 3


  1. From a guard stance (maybe you have your protective fence), move right into the short chop to the windpipe (maybe it goes to his face, too).  I step in and drive forward—I think my foot even drives into the ground.
  2. Long chop (more power here with your hip rotation)
  3. Vertical chop to side of neck/top of the shoulder—you need power, so use your strong arm, just like throwing a cross


Drill 4 (On Pads)


We used the long cylindrical pad for this one so students could practice the face smash (it really hurts on BOB).


  1. Thai cover
  2. Chop
  3. Face smash
  4. Low side kick


Drill 5


  1. From your protective fence, a flick to the eyes
  2. Face smash
  3. Left horizontal or snap elbow
  4. Right horizontal or snap elbow


Drill 6


  1. Flick to the eyes
  2. Palm heel strike to the nose
  3. Knee to the groin or body
  4. He is down, stomp the leg (we stomped on pads) and drive through with your heel


Drill 7


  1. Chin jab (with the heel of your palm, drive through his chin much like you would with an uppercut)
  2. Immediately go to the face smash and push him to the ground

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