Knife Defense


We looked at defenses against several angles of attack with knives.  You know, so many times I was instructed that getting cut was an inherent part of knife fighting.  Very recently I gained new perspective.  I don’t want to pre-program myself for the probability of being cut in the event that a knife comes into play, and it is simply not true that I will always be cut.  Past instructors even admonished against carrying a knife for protection.  But you know what?  There is responsibility that goes hand in hand with any weapon I carry, whether it is knife, OC spray, a gun, or my own body.  I accept that responsibility.


The biggest points about last night’s training were the following. 


  • Avoid trying to grab a moving target.  I may miss.  We used our forearms to block the varying angles of incoming knife strikes, then grabbed the wrist/hand for control. 
  • After that, it’s time to soften him up so that he’s thinking less about the knife and more about his pain!
  • The disarm may just happen, especially after I’ve struck him several times.  Keep this in mind: disarming does mean you have to specifically take the knife away.  You may disable him, take the striking hand out of commission, or simply remove his ability to use the weapon, at which point he is basically disarmed.  Also remember that if you are in survival stress mode, your dexterity is most likely gone due to vascular constriction in the fingers and hands.  Knife disarms are very sexy, but will they work when you are threatened?


We also need to train ourselves to look for furtive movements.  Perhaps you can lock him down before he has a chance to draw the weapon.  Pay attention to his hands—what are they doing? 


If a technique is not working, don’t keep beating a dead horse.  Train to move onto something else.  I will address more of this in upcoming blogs.



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