Simple Knife Drills

After practicing smooth deployment of our folding knives, we worked on some very simple knife drills this week, first with focus mitts, then secondly with a partner wearing a boxing glove.  Our folding knives, though they are training blades, turned out to be too sharp for the focus mitts!  Oops.  So, we drilled with our fixed blade trainers.

Drill 1:

One partner, with strong side forward, holds the knife in a sabre grip and points it towards the target (knuckles up, thumb towards center).  The other partner feeds the focus mitt randomly.  Knife-wielding partner strikes with a straight thrust and retracts.  Think of a fencer lunging forward to hit the target, bridging the distance.

Drill 2:

One partner puts on a boxing glove and feeds the knife from any angle.  The other partner uses the concept of “de-fanging the snake” and uses his knife to take out the hand of the feeder.  You can add in other, unexpected strikes, like kicks–just be cautious of how hard students are thrusting with the knives.  Padding couldn’t hurt so everyone comes back to train another day.  🙂


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