Headbutting BOB

Headbutting BOB

I was doing some research recently on Headbutts. Holy smokes, I guess I never realized the multitude of ways the Headbutt can be used. I suppose it is just not a technique I have thought that much about over the years. I know plenty of people who look for the Headbutt constantly, and it really got me thinking. I have a hard skull—why not?

We actually do teach the Headbutt in our Gutterfighting—usually as a part of the rapid assault tactics (eye rake to Headbutt, knee and elbow strikes). Very close quarters kind of stuff—hey, you are noggin to noggin! With this one, we grab the back of the head or neck and drive it into the Headbutt. I suggest you use the top of your head around the hairline and not your own forehead. As the other instructor would say, that is a self-correcting problem.

In the Kapap training, we used the Rising Headbutt. You’ve got to be really up close and personal with this one because you are moving straight up his centerline, dragging your face through it, as you thrust your whole body upwards towards the prize—his chin. One of the instructors often used a Sideways Headbutt, (and sometimes a shoulder strike) during weapons disarms. I must say they worked out very nicely, especially since the hands are all tied up—just stay aware of the business end of the weapon!

I’ve seen folks use Rear Headbutts in scenarios where the attacker has grabbed from behind. Well, no one should ever allow themselves to get into that position in the first place. Stuff happens, I know, and we are occasionally switched off. Often space is created with the hips (bend at the waist and drive hips back), the head is tilted forward (chin to chest) and then snaps back, using the area below the crown as the striking surface. Lovely! You really might need it if your arms are tied up, so it is good to know this weapon is there, and can be used straight back, or even diagonally.

Headbutts present themselves in other ways, and much like improvised weapons, you just have to open your mind to the opportunities.  Look for situations in your training where you may be able to employ them.  One point to keep in mind: if you can hit him with your head, rest assured he can do the same to you. Look for and avoid the opportunities for an enemy to go head-to-head with you.

Now here is an individual who has really done the Headbutt justice and turned it into an art form. I mean this guy, Gerald Moffatt, has truly written a treatise on the subject, and I recommend when you have the time, to peruse his article entitled, “Headbutts, or How to Be a Nutter”:



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