Mark’s Daily Apple on Fitness and Survival

Here are some very interesting posts by Mark Sisson on his weblog, Mark’s Daily Apple: Primal Living in the Modern World.  It is a well-written four-part series, discussing the meaning of fitness, modern standards, and how fitness relates to issues of survival not only for the average person, but also for our special forces.  Mark gives a nod to Crossfit in the final post, and discusses his own thoughts on standards based on our primal roots.  You should also check out his book, The Primal Blueprint, which the other instructor is reading and highly recommends!  It is important to be fit for health and longevity as well as fit to fight (in case you ever have to assert your right to longevity!!).  Speaking of Crossfit, we are currently working on ourselves and some of our clients in an effort to meet the Crossfit benchmark standards.  We find them very comprehensive, and though some people do take the workouts to the absolute extreme, scaled properly and ramped up reasonably, they are very well-rounded standards, indeed.   Anyhoo, Check out these posts!

Post 1: What Does it Mean to Be Fit? 


Post 2: Could You Save Your Own Life? 


Post 3: Modern Fitness Standards: How Do You Measure Up? 


Post 4: Primal Blueprint Fitness Standards 


Mark’s book:


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  1. Thanks for this…it says it all …and very well.

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