Upcoming Seminar: Fighting & Firearms in Low Light

Come join us this weekend at the Combat Hard Training Center:

Fighting & Firearms in Low Light – Airsoft/RAM

Date: Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time: 9AM to 4PM

Cost: $99.95 for civilians and $74.95 for LEO/Military

Location: Combat Hard Training Center

Address: 9529 South Main Street, Suite 200, Jonesboro, GA 30236

Class Description:

A study of shootings done on yearly basis tells that approximately 60% of all these shootings take place during nighttime hours on a consistent basis.  In contrast to the typical brightly lit range, more than two out of three fatal shootings occur during the hours of darkness or in locations where the light is dim.

This 6-hour course will educate the student as to the use of a flashlight in all situations ranging from normal activities to lethal force engagements.  It is our goal to increase the students’ chances of surviving and prevailing in a lethal-force encounter occurring in diminished lighting conditions.

Combative and Pistol skills will be demonstrated, practiced and honed in a low light or dim light environment situations via realistic scenarios using Airsoft and Real Action Marking training pistols.

The following topics will be covered:

Mindset: Hunter vs. Victim

Why Conduct Low-Light Training

Vision in Low-Light Conditions

Flashlight Applications

Principles of Low-Light Tactics

Four Handheld Flashlight Techniques

Equipment Issues

Natural Stances/Hand Index Position

Cover and 360 Defenses

Hand-to-Hand Combative Skills

Strike/Step back and Access Weapon

Drawing and Firing from Chiodo’s Hip Position

Weapons Retention Position

Drawing and Firing from a Weapons Retention Position

Basic Cornering / Room Entering Techniques


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