Multiple Assailant Drill

The other night in Krav class we practiced fighting multiple assailants (statically).  We set up 2 BOBs for each student and added in a chair to the mix.  The student had to attack one BOB, turn, strike the other BOB immediately behind him/her, and then create space.  Upon creating space, the student grabbed a chair for defense; this helps to put them into an improvised weapon mindset.  The ideal position was behind one BOB, placing it between the student and the other BOB (like a human shield).

We drilled several different combatives combinations utilizing ax hands, slaps, palm strikes, etc.  However, you could use any techniques and combinations that you prefer.  The most important part is learning how to strike explosively and move rapidly to a safer position, dealing with multiple attackers, and utilizing available weapons within the environment.  After students develop some confidence with the static drill, it could be easily be taken to the next level with live opponents.


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