Combat Hard Krav Maga Conditioning Circuit (8-30-2010)

On Monday and Wednesday nights, we generally focus on conditioning in the Krav class for at least 2/3 of class time.  Last night we did a crazy circuit that you will see here in the video.  We divided up into teams of 3.  Each team member started on one of three stations and rotated every 30 seconds for a 3-minute round.  One member was on the tombstone pad for ground and pound, one was at the BOB for a fighting combination, and one member was at one of the conditioning stations.  There were 5 conditioning stations, so we completed a total of 5 3-minute rounds, with 1 minute rest break in between.

Fighting combination: Double cupped-hand strike and 3 slaps/palm strikes on BOB

Tombstone pad: Ground and Pound

Conditioning Station 1: Ball Squats

Conditioning Station 2: Running in place on crash mat

Conditioning Station 3: Swing to catch with kettlebell

Conditioning Station 4: Dips on parallettes (feet on BOSU)

Conditioning Station 5: Overhead presses with sandbag


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