Combat Hard Krav Maga Conditioning Circuit (9-15-2010)

Try this one.  Set up 8 separate stations and run through the circuit 3 times.  As you go from circuit 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3, add more time at each station.  Here are the stations we chose:

Station 1: Situps (add in jab and cross at end of movement)

Station 2: Combatives combination on BOB (anything you choose)

Station 3: Alternating kick and 2 slaps on heavy bag

Station 4: Balance with jab and cross on Bosu (add in a squat)

Station 5: Ball squats on Dynamax, add in jab and cross and two front kicks

Station 6: Sandbag clean and press (add squat, if you are feeling froggy)

Station 7: Running in sand pit or on crash mats, simultaneous jab and cross

Station 8: Sledgehammer on tire

First circuit, spend about 45 seconds at each station, then progressively add more time on circuits 2 and 3.  Add a short rest period between stations and between circuits.  You will appreciate rest periods, though you could work up to having no rest period between stations.  In addition, you can add in some running or sprinting between changing stations.


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  1. awesome circuit guys, really intense!

    we’ve released a new promo clip also pretty intense.. let us know what you think! (feel free to share it)

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