Avital Zeisler – Israeli Krav Maga Association


Nir Maman Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga

The Combat Hard Training Center will be hosting Nir Maman in 2011.

Please standby for more information.

Combat Trainer

Great website on MMA conditioning!


IKFF Military Advisor

Steven Mosley

We are very pleased to announce that Combat Hard’s very own Steven Mosley was recently invited to be the North American Military Advisor for the International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation, Steve Cotter’s kettlebell organization.  This is a tremendous honor, as we have learned so much about kettlebell lifting from Cotter.  IKFF tirelessly travels the globe, sharing their knowledge with the world, and we are so excited for Steven to be affiliated with this organization.  Congrats Steven!



Hock Hochheim Seminar

Holy smokes!  I am thumbing through this giant tome we purchased over the weekend while attending Hock’s seminar.  The manual is on Knife/Counter-Knife Combatives.  There are at least eleventy-million pictures and diagrams in here and plenty of stuff derived from military manuals.  I’ll have to let you know what I think of it later after I have had some time to really go through it.  The dude is prolific, without a doubt!  I was looking at his vast collection of DVD’s for sale and he has been busy.

The seminar was interesting.  Hock is quite a character, and he draws some interesting characters, as well.  He has a lot of stories and by my estimation, he has seen plenty of action and knows a lot of stuff.  Hmm.  Still processing. . .

“Vigilance”, by Steven Mosley


The following excerpt is from the introduction of Steven Mosley’s book, Combat Hard Self Defense.  I think it is very appropriate on a solemn day of remembrance, like today.


We live in a free society. Our freedom has been earned by those who have gone before us.  In order to maintain our freedom, we must continue to think and act like a successful captor.  We must be vigilant! To be vigilant is to be alert.  Alertness is the state of paying close and continuous attention. Being curious is a good thing. Maintaining a mental state of condition yellow or 360 degree awareness as explained by the late great firearms instructor Colonel Jeff Cooper is paramount. 

The painting above is of a red-shouldered hawk.  It was painted by Holly Byram and is a reminder to all of the warriors that “Vigilance” must be maintained.  The caption on the painting states “With a watchful eye, the successful captor is ever vigilant.” Each year as we get further and further away from the events of September 11, 2001, as many people have stated, we must not only remember, we must never forget. However, to ensure that our society is never thrust into chaos as it was on that day, we must all pay attention to our surroundings. 

The Vigiles, or more properly the Vigiles Urbani (”watchmen of the City”), were the firefighters and police of Ancient Rome.  Each of us is now society’s new Vigile.  The security and wellbeing of our society as a whole and of each of us individually is in all our hands.  When you see something that seems wrong, report it to your local authorities.  If you are one of the local authorities, investigate it.  Gavin de Becker explains in his book The Gift of Fear that violent acts are predictable and preceded by clear warning signs.  We need only to be alert to these pre-incident indicators and take appropriate action when they are presented to us. 

We must maintain our freedom so that our way of life that we so cherish survives.  We will do this by achieving victory against all of those that seek to harm us or our loved ones.  As stated by Sir Winston Churchill,” Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.”  Victory is achieved through “Vigilance.”


“Vigilance”, the print, is available through this website: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=30190027

Local Crime Stories


Yesterday I was talking with the proprietor of a local Thai restaurant that I frequent.  While I was eating, a repairman was replacing the glass in the side door and cleaning up shattered glass on the floor.  Being the terminally curious person that I am, I decided to inquire about it.  The owner told me that the restaurant had been burglarized the night before.  This was the second of two incidents in which the same door was hit and cash was stolen.  She expressed her worry over feeling unsafe, and despite slow business in recent months, she was closing early on some nights because she felt unsafe.  She also described incidents experienced by other businesses in the area, including one restaurant owner being followed home from work and mugged at gunpoint in his driveway.


Today I was talking with the owner of my local print shop.  His business is located directly across the street from the Thai restaurant.  We were also discussing the local crime, and I listened to several stories from another patron who recently moved away from a nearby neighborhood.  I’ve known several people who lived in this large, well-kept subdivision, and there is a surprising amount of ongoing criminal activity there.  The customer talked about the dangers of living close to Atlanta, and how one real estate agent was giving six months of neighborhood watch patrol as a property closing gift.  Then he talked about his wife’s misfortune; she had left her purse in an unlocked vehicle in the driveway (her regular habit—yikes!  Can you say condition white?  I knew that you could.).  Amazingly enough. . .it was stolen. . .by kids. . .and sold. . .to thugs.  She did eventually find her expensive purse, discarded, missing all of its contents, of course.


I was thinking just how close all of this crime is to my home.  Within just a few miles.  People seem to have this rosy view of the suburbs.  I guess this city is much better than where I used to live three years ago; lots and lots of drug activity–also in the suburbs.  The police presence in our little city is not all that prominent in recent years, and even if it were, officers cannot be everywhere at once.  There’s just too much to do.  Maybe there always was!  All the more reason to take my safety as my personal responsibility.  The Thai restaurant owner certainly isn’t taking any chances; if she feels unsafe, she leaves the area.  I remember she mentioned her relief that the crime had occurred while she was away from the restaurant.  She made it clear that her life was more important than making money.  I wonder how many other people feel this way, although it is not fair for us to have to choose between our lives and our livelihood.  Not in this instance, anyway.  It makes me very angry, and I have to fuel that powerful energy into my own mental and physical preparedness.  It is the only way I know to NOT live in fear. 

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