Gutterfighting USA Weblog is dedicated to both the mental and physical skills related to self-defense/self-protection.  At Combat Hard, we promote fitness–as it is important to be fit to fight–as well as fighting.  The fighting aspect draws from real-world experience, a myriad of fighting systems, Israeli Krav Maga and World War II Combatives.  We look for what works on the street, and for training methods that help with proper body mechanics and enhancing natural fighting ability.  We strongly believe in winning a violent confrontation from a mental, physical and legal standpoint–we desire more than just survival.  This is why we talk a lot about proper mindset and awareness skills–the bulk of self-defense.

We encourage you to browse the site and give feedback, positive or negative.   If you have ideas, please share them.  We are constantly learning, growing, and developing our understanding of self-protection.  If you feel so inclined, send us an email at combathard@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting our blog, and BE SAFE!

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  1. Hi Steve,

    Hope this is the best way to contact you directly.

    I have been considering looking for a new place to train. No hard feelings at Phoenix Martial arts or with Steve Grantham. Getting from work in Johns Creek to training Flowery Branch isn’t getting any easier/faster. I’ve also been working 50-60 hrs a week since last fall. So, it takes 45 minutes to get there for a 45 min class (usually a later class, since I’ve leaving work late)
    I like the focus of your sites and training principles. At my age, I’m not concerned about rank, belts, status, etc. It’s more about health and “real defense.”

    Can you give me a call or send me an email? I’d like to talk with you.
    Work is 770 497 3715 (my direct line) cell 770 309 0176 home 770 932 9505.

    Will be out of town this weekend and late next week too.

    Hope to talk soon.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Dave,

      This is Holly. I am Steve’s assistant instructor and I maintain the Gutterfighting blog. Great to hear from you. I understand what you are saying about the travel time. Feel free to email Steve at stevenmosley@hotmail.com. His telephone number is on the Combat Hard website.

      Best Regards,


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