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There are so many great books out there that can enhance one’s training and overall understanding of self-protection. Here are some titles from my own personal library. I don’t get any kickbacks from any book seller or author. I suggest them because I find them valuable:

The Gift of Fear, by Gavin de Becker

This book was a real eye-opener for me when I read it several years ago. It is all about real fear and informing and utilizing one’s intuition in self-protection and violence prediction. You can purchase it from Amazon here.

Girls Fight Back: The College Girl’s Guide to Protecting Herself, by Erin Weed

Erin Weed travels the country educating college girls about violence and self-protection. This book is written with young women in mind, but the material is practical and accessible to anyone interested in self-protection. It is a great companion book to The Gift of Fear. You can purchase the book directly from Erin’s website: Girls Fight Back.

No Second Chance: A Reality-Based Guide to Self-Defense, by Mark Hatmaker

This book pulls no punches when talking about reality-based self-defense. It is gritty, and in-your-face about survival, predatory mindset and prey. I had the special privilege of attending one of Hatmaker’s bootcamps in Tennessee, and it was well worth the time and money. You can purchase his book at Amazon here.

Management of Aggressive Behavior, by Roland Ouellette.

What a great book on confrontation management and understanding the behavioral cues that serve as pre-incident indicators to aggression and violence. A fantastic read! You can purchase this book from other sellers through Amazon here.

Fence Concepts: Don’t Be a Victim, by Al Peasland

Al’s book is a great primer on self-protection and I use ideas from his Fence Concepts in my teaching. Al has tremendous real-world experience, is a seasoned member of the British Combat Association, and is a tremendously nice and gracious guy. You can purchase his book through his website (home base is in the UK) Complete Self Protection.

Combatives For Street Survival: Hard-Core Countermeasures For High-Risk Situations, by Kelly McCann.

I love Kelly’s DVDs and this book. Just like Hatmaker, he gives you the straight scoop on what you need to do to protect yourself. He always uses plain language and explains things in a coherent, concise manner. Great stuff from an extremely well-seasoned expert in the area of security and combatives. You can purchase this book at Amazon here.

Attack Proof: The Ultimate Guide to Personal Protection, by John Perkins, Al Ridenhour and Matt Kovsky

This book is fascinating and covers many great principles on self-defense based on John’s research and experience as a law enforcement officer. You can purchase this book at Amazon here.

Eyes Wide Open: Bodyguard Strategies for Self-Defense, by Kristie Kilgore

There is a lot of great material in this book on situational awareness and training those skills. Kristie draws upon her own years of training and studying under security professionals. You can purchase Kristie’s book at Clinetop Press.

The Definitive Book of Body Language, by Barbara and Allan Pease

Understanding non-verbal communication is not only beneficial for reading pre-incident indicators of violence, but for better communication skills, in general. Who doesn’t need that? It is a fascinating read. You can purchase this book at Amazon here.

Persuasion: The Art of Influencing People, by James Borg

I love this book. Communication skills are so important because conflict is a reality of life. I absorbed so much from the text and apply the concepts to conflict resolution and verbal de-escalation. You can purchase this book at Amazon here.


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